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KELEI Copana Robotic Welding System

KELEI Copana Robotic Welding System Product Details

KELEI Copana Robotic Welding System Product Details

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With the advancement of computer science, network technology, intelligent control systems, artificial intelligence and industrial production systems, welding robots will be fully capable of welding, metal processing and other industries. Its consistency, productivity, and welding quality are superior to hand welding while robots can reduce the labour intensity of workers. Besides, robots are able to work in hazardous environments, and their low cost to train, operate and maintain makes them an inevitable choice for welding in the future.

This product takes the advantage of the flexibility and swift movement of industrial robots and matches with follow-up devices and optical transmission devices. The product uses fibre laser technology to develop different process parameters for different plate thicknesses while performing multi-directional plate cutting to meet production needs. In order to ensure a smooth installation and user experience, our company also provides online/offline debugging services to solve your worries during use to the greatest extent.


1. High quality laser: intense laser energy produces better welding results under the same circumstances compare to other manufactures.

2. High-efficiency: the system energy conversion efficiency is above 40% which wastes less energy.

3. Advanced technology: industry-leading “Bull’s Eye” laser spot mode that cut/weld faster and cleaner.

4. Durability: core components has redundant resign principles in mind that could undertake strict tests and standards.

5. Easy to operate and learn: laser and robot realize digital communication. Kola’s laser does not need additional computer control, but can be controlled by robot controller. Whether it is the setting of laser power or the selection of light splitting path, misoperation or misresponse can be avoided. The robot controller can conveniently control the robot, laser head and laser, increasing the operability of the equipment.

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